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Application for London International Guitar Competition 2018 is now open!


Rules and Conditions

1. Contestants, Eligibility and Application

– Applicants must be no older than 30 years at the time of registration.

– Applicants must have access to the internet

– Entry period for application and the first online round ends on 17th September 2018 at 10am (GMT).

– Semifinal will be at the Royal Academy of Music on Friday 26 October and the Final at Kings Place on Saturday 27 Oct.


To apply please e-mail with subject line to include your name and that of the competition e.g <Firstname Surname Application for London International Guitar Competition>. You need to include the following;

a.) CV in English, 1 A4 page only

b.) Copy/scan of passport

c.) 2 good recent, high-resolution photos

d.) The YouTube link of you playing the set audition repertoire which is Léo Brouwer’s El Decamaron Negro (third movement only); and JS Bach’s Gavotte en rondeau from 4th Lute Suite

For the video you must verbally announce your name, the piece and that it is for London International Guitar Competition 2018. In the video title (and/or description) you must again state your name, the piece and that it is for London International Guitar Competition 2018. Failure to do so may make your application invalid.

e.) A registration fee of £100 is required to be paid via the PayPal  ‘Buy Now’ (NB you do not need a PayPal account to use their services) – you must submit in your application your PayPal transaction number as proof of payment.

-Applicants must adhere to all required of them in the application process and upon receipt of a complete application and payment of a £100 registration fee contestants will receive a confirmation email notifying them of their acceptance into the competition.

Disclaimer – all personal information will be kept safe and will not be used for any other purpose than to determine eligibility for the competition. However, contestants give authorisation for their name, images and videos to be used as part of International Guitar Foundation and London International Guitar Competition’s publicity.

Disclaimer on videos: your video recording should be taken in one take and should not be edited at all. The quality of the video must be adequate, audibly and visually, for the judges to be able to make an informed decision. At all times in the video the contestant must be visible to ensure that the video and performance is authentic. Any videos deemed to be dubbed or false will not be accepted and London International Guitar Competition reserves the right to disqualify said applicants.